How to Clean Windows

How to Clean Windows

A step by step breakdown

By WOW Window Cleaning L.L.C.

       Windows are essential to brightening up your house or business. Over the years we have heard myths and old wives tales, including Windex and news paper (yuck), vinegar and lemons (smelly) and plenty more. Through our years cleaning windows, we have experimented with every cleaning variation you could think of, but we are here to let you know, its easier than you think. For the best results, we definitely recommend hiring a professional, because we have the tools to tackle the hardest to reach windows, and the chemicals to ensure your windows come out streak-less and squeaky clean. For those who want to venture on, and attempt to clean you windows by yourself, follow our step by step process.


  • Step 1. Determining what type of window you have.

There are many different windows, french pane, single pane, double pane, storm windows…ect. Find out what window you have, so you can get to each piece of glass.

23 Types Of Windows | Different Types Of Windows | Types Of Windows Pdf


  • Step 2 Does your window fold in?

Did you know that some windows have the ability to fold in?! Well if your window folds in, the inside of the frames may have a tab which separates the window from the frame.

For the windows that do not have the tab, the window frame may push out, thus allowing the window to fold towards you.

  • Step 3 Equipment!

Most of our equipment is purchased at JRacenstein.com, but feel free to purchase your equipment at your local hardware store.

Below you will find a list of the equipment needed to properly scrub and clean:

    • Squeegee
    • Stripwasher (window mop)
    • Microfiber Cloth
    • Dawn dish soap
    • Water
    • Bucket


  • Step 4 Mix Soap and Water

Our recommendation is 1 tablespoon of dish soap for every gallon of water. So fill up that bucket, and mix in your soap.

  • Step 5 Wetting the Mop and scrubbing the window

For the best results, we recommend dumping your stripwasher (mop) directly into into the soapy water. Ensure that your mop gets saturated with your soap/water solution, that way you can lather the window, and make sure that all of the dirt comes off. After your mop is wet, give the window a good couple of scrubs.

  • Step 6 Squeegee Away

After your window is saturated with the soapy solution, start from on of the top corners, angle the squeegee so that the rubber is in full contact with the glass, and with one smooth motion, pull the squeegee down (or to the side) with a medium amount of pressure. If the squeegee was not big enough to cover the entire window, move your squeegee over, leaving about an inch of cleaned glass on the rubber so that you leave a minimal amount of streaks. repeat this process until the window is dry.

  • Step 7 Use the microfiber cloth the wipe the sides and corners

If you performed the squeegee process correctly, there should be little to no water/soap left, other than on the sides and corners. If you have wet spots or streaks, don’t fret, take your dry microfiber cloth, wipe away the streaks. Once the window is dry, prepare another dry part of the microfiber cloth, wipe around the sides and corners until the window is completely dry all around.

  • Step 8 Wipe the Sills

You’re almost done! Now that you have a clean window, you may have some residual dirty solution on the window sill. Take your microfiber cloth (damp) and wipe all around the sills until the dirt is gone.

  • Step 9 Repeat process on all parts/sides of glass.

Sometimes you may have some tough to get rid of water/dirt marks, if so, repeat this process with additional scrubbing. For the dirt or sap that may not come up with the mop, you could invest in 0000 Steel Wool. Make the steel wool damp, and lightly scrub the dirt and sap until gone. then repeat step 6. Once these marks are gone, ensure that you clean all sides of the glass until you have a streak-less, squeaky clean, window!.


  • Step 10 Clean up

Always make sure that you clean up. Clean your equipment so that it lasts multiple uses. You may dump the solution in the bathtub/toilet. You may also throw the microfiber cloths in the wash, or wash them by hand. Most importantly, store your equipment in a place were it does not get damaged.


Once you have completed these 10 steps, enjoy your million dollar view!

WOW Window Cleaning L.L.C.


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